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The Next Big Thing in Viral Advertising

The Next Big Thing in Viral Advertising

Current viral marketing techniques are based on the idea that a document, PDF file, or email with the author's URL (the location of the author's sales website) will spread rapidly throughout the Internet. There are two possible conditions that must be met before the piece can make its way through the web on its own. 

Having high-quality material is essential since it increases the likelihood that someone other than the original author may share it with their own networks without compensation or in exchange for a joint venture payout. There ought to be something of value in there, like a snippet of a larger, commercially available course or publication. 

The writing could also be appealing enough to create a sense of excitement or the appearance of a conspiracy involving secret information that will lead to unimaginable fortune. As more people share the item, more individuals will have access to the website's URL. The whole goal of the activity is to promote the product line in a more efficient and cost-effective manner in the hopes of attracting new clients who might not have been aware of the product line otherwise and thereby increasing sales.

The term "viral marketing" is obviously repulsive to anyone with a medical background or whose life has been affected by a true virus. Remember that this is just an abstract illustration of a theoretically perfect living thing. To those in the know, a "poor" automobile twenty years ago meant a very good car, and "viral" marketing is just an analogy.

The virus is extremely successful at reproducing itself since it is one of the oldest organisms on Earth. A virus, in its most basic definition, is a relatively short chain of molecular RNA. It is generally agreed that a virus is not living but rather exists merely to reproduce. When viral RNA invades a cell, it exploits the host cell's DNA to make copies of itself. Once the new, identical virus replicates, it is encased in a protein shell and sent on its way. The enzymatic protein coat is utilized to either pair with the walls of a new host cell to force access or to fool the cell into letting the virus enter.

RNA Infection > DNA Infection > Protein Infection

Persuasive Message > Contagious File > Rapid Spread

An Internet marketer's focus should be on the component of the process that involves duplication and subsequent self-powered web-wide distribution. The actual email or document is the protein coat, while the surrounding context is the RNA. The author must set in motion the enzyme of hope for invaluable insight. The language must be convincing enough for the reader to copy and paste (or forward) the message without hesitation.

Such is the standard procedure for viral marketing today. This has advanced significantly at just one site on the grid.

Retroviruses are extremely potent compared to common viruses. This group of molecules enters a host cell, copies its DNA to make viral DNA, and then produces its own RNA to spread indefinitely.

This online discussion group is known as a "virtual cell" on the modern Internet. In numerous online communities, one "guru" initiates discussions in which other "near-gurus" participate to exchange specialized insights and ask and answer related questions. A major drawback of such a group is that its core will always be made up of enthusiastic newcomers to the world of marketing. These "novices" are frequently timid about asking questions in the open forum and prefer to observe rather than participate. Unfortunately, the fundamental DNA building blocks required for newcomers to succeed will be absent from a community of intermediate programmers and Internet marketers.

A virtual cell needs a mentor to organize itself so that DNA can be transcribed from start to finish. Less-seasoned Internet marketers will be able to relax in this setting and feel safe enough to ask the fundamental questions they need answered without feeling ashamed. The mentor can then speed up the group's learning by teaching them tried-and-true techniques. To further discourage the fish, the mentor can also arrange affiliate sales of his product line, eliminating unproductive systems before they become entrenched. If a Virtual Master Cell member makes the cut, they will be able to set up online nodes that might be used to make sales.

From RNA viruses, through DNA viruses, to RNA viruses, to viral proteins
Persuasive Message > Online Mentoring Group > Promising Affiliates/Partners

The mentor's thoughts and wisdom are the RNA that will be copied into bright new minds. Once the mentor or "originator" has the full genetic profile of a very successful Internet marketer, they are in a position to design even more lucrative ventures. The virtual cell will continue to expand on its own, gaining power from the introduction of novel ideas, until it matures into a virtual master mind.

The internet will be replaced by a grid of sales nodes, and a wider range of people will gain confidence and achieve their goals as a result. The mentor has successfully used his blueprint for success to create a legion of potential allies and affiliates. Much quicker progress can be made by using the virtual cell concept and a virtual mastermind that develops on its own. The more success you have, the more success you attract.

Now, only the Internet Profit Mentor himself knows for sure whether this paradigm was deliberately designed or evolved in a fortunate way. In the not-too-distant future, we plan to release the next iteration of this system. Don't forget to return to the original article's location in the near future.

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